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    The XE versus the XF: which is the Jaguar vehicle for you?

    • Though closely related, our two sedans have different talents. The XE, the more compact of the two, balances sports car performance with efficiency, whereas the XF offers more luxury and more interior space. Read on to find the answers to all of your questions and determine which Jaguar sedan will best meet your needs.

      Jaguar XE vs XF

      How are the XE and XF designed differently?

      From the outside, the real design difference between the XE and XF comes down to one simple thing – size. The XE is more compact, though good things do come in smaller packages too, as it’s won the Auto Express Compact Executive Car of the Year twice in a row. The XF, on the other hand, is our larger sedan and as such has a grander road presence. Not to be outdone, the XF has recently been awarded Germany’s top car award, the Golden Steering Wheel for ‘Best Mid-Full-Size Sedan’.
      On the inside, the XF has a more luxurious feel than the XE and creates more theatre with its start-up sequence. But when it comes to the finer details, the XE and XF can both be personalized with a range of options from colour to alloys and interior finishes.

      How exactly do they compare in size?

      The XF is 28 cm longer and is 4 cm taller than the XE. Side by side, you’ll see the difference between the two. Their size demonstrates the strengths of each car; the XE is smaller and lighter and is ideal if you want efficient yet sporty performance. The XF takes this sports car feel and adds more comfort, interior space and luxury.

      Jaguar XF Interior

      What’s the difference in interior space between the XE and XF?

      The XF has a longer wheelbase, so naturally it offers more interior space than the XE. In the back seats, longer legs will be able to stretch out with up to 5.6 cm more legroom. Taller passengers will also be pleased with the 2 cm extra headroom in the front and 3 cm more in the rear. As a complete redesign of its predecessor, the XF now offers more room all-round than the previous model while actually being slightly smaller on the outside.
      The XE offers good rear legroom, but if you’re regularly carrying adult passengers on long journeys you might want to consider the extra space offered by the XF.

      Jaguar XE Interior

      What about interior technology?

      You’ll find our InControl infotainment system on both dashboards, so whichever model you choose you’ll enjoy using our intuitive, smart-phone-inspired navigation and entertainment system. You just need to decide whether to upgrade to InControl Touch Pro to take advantage of a larger touchscreen and more powerful processor, alongside a range of other upgraded features.
      If you take frequent long trips on the highway, you’ll also find our Lane Departure Warning system useful for those tiring drives. Or, to park with confidence in any space, go for Park Assist. You can also make your cabin feel more like a cockpit with the Head-Up Display. The good news is that all these are available on both the XE and XF.

      What’s the difference in the trunk capacity of the XE and XF?

      With the seats up, the trunk capacity of the Jaguar XE measures 450 litres, giving you ample room for family luggage – which equates to around nine carry-on bags.

      By comparison, the trunk capacity of the Jaguar XF comes in at 505 litres; with that extra space, you could fit about two extra carry-on bags. It outdoes its main competitors too, making it one of the most practical executive sedans in the class.

      How do they compare for towing?

      The XE can tow from 1600-1800 kg depending on the engine, whereas the towing capacity of the XF ranges from 1600-2000 kg. From caravans to small trailers, both perform well for lighter-weight towing. The XF has even won best in class (1500-1699 kg) at the Tow Car Awards 2016 – for the fourth time in five years.

      Jaguar XE
      Jaguar XF

      What does Jaguar All Wheel Drive offer?

      Available on both the XE and XF, All Wheel Drive helps you to have confidence whatever the conditions. From pulling out of an icy driveway to staying in control on the highway during a storm, our on-demand system gives you the practicality of four-wheel drive balanced with the sports car feeling of rear wheel biased drive.

      When the conditions call for it, All Wheel Drive intuitively splits power between front and rear, improving traction. Once the car is back on a better surface, power returns to the rear for the stimulating drive of a Jaguar vehicle – in both of our sedans.

      > Learn More About Jaguar All Wheel Drive

      Jaguar XF R-Sport

      How do the XE and XF feel different on the road?

      The XE and XF are both Jaguars at heart; we only make sports cars, so both channel our famous agility and handling right to their core. Both have the same advanced, F-TYPE-derived double wishbone front suspension and integral rear link suspension, plus intelligent Torque Vectoring to optimize your every corner.
      The main difference is that the XE, with its shorter wheelbase and lighter weight, will feel nimbler on the road. Experience the XE or XF for yourself with a test drive. Click below to book yours.

      Jaguar XF R-Sport

      What is fuel efficiency like for the XE or XF?

      Both vehicles offer diesel and gasoline engines. You have the choice of an efficient diesel engine with 318 lb-ft torque that delivers 6.9 L/100km combined driving, or the performance oriented 340hp supercharged gasoline engine that delivers 10.2 (XE)/10.4(XF) L/100km combined driving. Without sacrificing efficiency the XF also offers an even higher performance 380hp supercharged gasoline engine that delivers 0-100km/h in 5.3 seconds.

      And lastly, how do they differ in price?

      The Jaguar XE Premium AWD Diesel starts from $45,000 and ranges up to the XE R-Sport AWD Supercharged V6 from $57,500. The Jaguar XF starts with the Premium AWD Diesel from $60,000 and ranges up to the XF S AWD Supercharged V6 from $74,000.

      Jaguar XF R-Sport

      With the XE, you’ll enjoy our most efficient sports car ever, with F-TYPE-inspired handling and agility. The XF takes this sports car DNA and adds a more luxurious feel and more interior space.
      Whichever Jaguar sedan is right for you, you’ll find exceptional offers on both the XE and XF. Take a look below to explore in more detail.

      The most advanced sports sedan that Jaguar has ever produced, the award-winning XE looks and drives like the quintessential Jaguar car. From the outright exhilaration of a supercharged V6 to the frugality of a 180hp turbo diesel, there is a range of engines to suit every driving style.


      Building on the success of the most award-winning Jaguar car ever, the XF has assertive design which stands out from the crowd. It delivers a seductive blend of dynamics, refinement and technology to keep you exhilarated, connected and entertained.


      The new XJ is the pinnacle Jaguar sedan car, the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, sporting vehicle dynamics and opulent luxury. XJ redefines what a luxury car should be delivering agility and a refreshingly dynamic driving experience.