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Situated at the very edge of the Swedish Arctic Circle, Arjeplog is a surreal and beguiling, sub-zero wilderness. As serene as it is extreme, everywhere you turn presents a vista of epic proportions meaning it’s not just the cold air that takes your breath away.


Located on one of the many frozen lakes in the region, the Ice Academy is your chance to experience the exhilarating thrill of ice driving from behind the wheel of the latest Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, your driving skills will be taken to a whole new level.



    Available in either a 3-day weekend experience or a 4-day mid-week experience, this is the perfect introduction to the thrilling art of ice driving. Set against a stunning Arctic backdrop, test your limits over the various ice tracks.


    Also offered as a 3-day weekend experience or 4-day mid-week experience, Ice Drive Advanced is tailored to returning guests or those with previous ice driving experience. Put a range of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles through technical challenges and make the most of one-on-one tuition.

The Jaguar Land Rover Ice Academy is a Global Program, this program will only be delivered in English.

Ice Academy Gallery.


Enjoy a preview of what you can expect at the Ice Academy.




  • Who operates the Jaguar and Land Rover Ice Academy?

    Zum goldenen Hirschen X zerotwonine GmbH operates the Jaguar and Land Rover Ice Academy in conjunction with Jaguar Land Rover, who provide the vehicles and the qualified Jaguar Land Rover Experience driving instructors. The drive program and ice tracks have been designed by Jaguar Land Rover plus you have an on-site manager who oversees all aspects of your driving experience to ensure it runs smoothly.

    Who does the driving?

    You do the driving. There will be a team of Jaguar Land Rover Experience instructors on site to provide expert guidance and tuition, but you are behind the wheel.

    What language is the Jaguar and Land Rover Ice Academy delivered in?

    The program is delivered in English.

    Can I participate in the Ice Academy as a non-driver?

    Yes. We offer an entertaining alternative programme for guests choosing not to drive. Our Ice Drive and Ice Drive Advanced programmes allow you to purchase non-driver places as an add-on to a driving place. You will be sharing accommodation with the lead guest. We are not able to provide non-driver places on the Ice Drive SV Exclusive programme. For more information, please contact the team by emailing or call +49 69 460 97 47 47.

    What other activities are available?

    There are optional dog-sledding, snowmobile tours and Arctic Circle Drive (for an extra charge), which can be pre-booked when booking your place on the Jaguar Land Rover Ice Academy. For more information about these and any other activities on offer, please contact the team by emailing or call +49 69 460 97 47 47.
  • When do the bookings close?

    Bookings will be closed 4 weeks prior to rotation start date.

    Do I need to purchase extra insurance to be able to drive?

    Additional vehicle insurance is not required but it is mandatory for guests to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Travel insurance can be purchased via our operating agency, Zum goldenen Hirschen X zerotwonine GmbH for those guests residing in Germany or a bordering country.

    E-mail: or Telephone: 1 888 535 8588.

    What is included in the price of the Jaguar and Land Rover Ice Academy?

    General inclusions are as follows: all driving activities, hotel accommodation (with a double bed), breakfast, lunch & dinner, drinks with meals, and airport transfers to/from Arvidsjaur Airport. Please refer to your individual tour itinerary for the exact inclusions. Please note that due to the level of driving involved, alcohol is only included with your dinner and will be limited. Soft drinks, tea and coffee are included with all meals.

    What isn’t included in the price of the driving experience?

    Flights, meals and drinks that are not specified in the program, optional activities (for example dog sledding and snowmobile tours) visa fees (if applicable), travel insurances and any pre or post-trip arrangements that deviate from the itinerary.
  • I’ve never driven a vehicle on ice before, can I still participate in the Jaguar and Land Rover Ice Academy?

    Absolutely – the driving activities are designed for drivers of all abilities. You will receive thorough driver briefings and our team of expert Jaguar Land Rover Experience instructors will be on hand to provide expert guidance and instruction on the ice via two-way radios fitted in each vehicle. For the Advanced programs previous Ice Driving experience is strongly advised.

    What vehicles will I be driving?

    • Ice Drive: • F-TYPE V6, F-PACE, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar

    • Ice Drive+: • F-TYPE V6, F-TYPE V8, F-PACE, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar

    • Ice Drive Advanced: • F-TYPE V6, F-TYPE V8, F-PACE, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar

    • Ice Drive Advanced +: • F-TYPE V6, F-TYPE V8, F-TYPE V8 SVR, F-PACE, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar

    Occasionally we may need to change or substitute the vehicles specified, due to circumstances beyond our control and we reserve the right to do so.

    Are the vehicles manual or automatic?

    All vehicles on this program are automatic.

    Are the vehicles left or right-hand drive?

    The vehicles are a mix of right and left-hand drive. Clients who are not comfortable driving on a specific side of the vehicle are welcome to inform the instructor teams who will do their best to accommodate your requirements.

    What is the minimum age for participation?

    Minimum participation age is 21 with 3 years full licence or 23 with 1-year full licence.

    What type of driver’s licence will I need?

    All drivers must hold a full and valid driving licence. If you hold a UK licence you will be sent a web link to an online form, which you must complete in advance in order to verify the status of your licence. If your licence was issued outside of the UK, then you will be required to complete a driving licence declaration form at your welcome briefing. Your driving licence needs to be valid and current and must be brought and produced on the day of the experience.

    All drivers must have at least three (3) years uninterrupted driving experience on a full licence without serious accident or conviction in the last two (2) years. Or at least one (1) year uninterrupted driving experience on a full licence without serious accident or conviction in that time, if driver is aged 23 years or older. All drivers must have no more than 6 current penalty points on their licence (where applicable) to enable them to participate in any on-road requirements of the course. You must notify us if you have more than 6 penalty points on your driving licence.

    Do I need to have a certain level of physical fitness to take part?

    To participate in the Driving Experience, you should ensure that you do not know of any circumstances which would disqualify you from driving such as chronic back problems (or similar conditions), mental conditions which might impair your ability to drive, poor eyesight which doesn’t meet the standards for driving, pregnancy or heart problems.

    How many people are in each vehicle?

    There will be two guests sharing per vehicle. On the Advanced programs there will be elements of 1:1 instruction.
  • If I am travelling by myself will I have my own vehicle?

    No. As a single traveller you will be paired in your vehicle with another guest. You will have your own hotel room throughout.

    Are children allowed to join the Jaguar and Land Rover Ice Academy?

    The Jaguar and Land Rover Ice Academy is not suitable for children due to safety reasons and the extreme climate conditions at the destination.

    What is the maximum group size on each driving experience?

    To provide a more exclusive and engaging experience, we aim to keep the group size on the Jaguar Land Rover Ice Academy to 20 guests (two per vehicle). However, depending on demand, it may be increased to up to 30 guests per group.

    Which types of beds are available?

    We offer double beds in all rooms. Single or twin beds are not available.

    Do I require a Visa?

    Most countries outside of the EU require a visa for travel to Sweden and the EU. Kindly contact your local consulate to check on your specific requirements. Should you require an invitation to receive your visa, kindly inform Zum goldenen Hirschen X zerotwonine GmbH who will provide you with this.

    Which currency is used in Sweden?

    The local currency is Swedish Crowns (SEK).

    Whom can I contact if I require assistance with flight bookings or travel insurance?

    Zum goldenen Hirschen X zerotwonine GmbH, our operating partner, will gladly assist you with booking your flights and travel insurance. They can be contacted as follows: E-mail: or Telephone: 1 888 535 8588.

    Do I need special clothing?

    The temperatures at the driving event may fall to -30°C or lower and we therefore ask you to ensure that you bring appropriate warm, weatherproof clothing and footwear. Clothing is not provided and therefore we recommend all participants to bring the following items:
    • Warm hat
    • Warm gloves
    • Wool scarf
    • Thermal base layer (long sleeved / long legged)
    • A well-insulated jacket
    • Woolly jumper or fleece jacket
    • Some additional light-weight layers to add as required
    • Sturdy, comfortable footwear (suitable for driving)

    What is the dress code for evenings?

    Evening dress code is casual.

    What happens if the weather is not ideal for ice driving?

    Should the weather lead to a closure of the ice field for safety reasons, an alternative program will be offered.

    Am I allowed to bring a camera or video camera?

    Yes of course, but please note the Jaguar and Land Rover Ice Academy takes place at Jaguar Land Rover’s secret cold climate testing facility, so some photography restrictions will apply. Drones are not allowed.