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What is InControl Wi-Fi?

InControl Wi-Fi delivers a Wi-Fi Hotspot in your car. InControl Wi-Fi enables passengers to connect up to 8 devices to the internet using an in-car wi-fi connection. In addition to the hardware fitted to the vehicle, the vehicle is equipped with a mobile SIM card, which provides a free trial period of data of 3 months or 3GB, whichever occurs first.

Will InControl Wi-Fi provide a continuous Wi-Fi connection whilst on the move?

InControl Wi-Fi operates through a mobile phone network. It will deliver a better data connection than a smartphone in the vehicle, because it uses an external antenna but will not operate in areas where no mobile phone network exists.

Do I need a SIM for my InControl Wi-Fi?

Yes. The system requires a SIM card to be installed in the vehicle with a data plan/allowance to work. The system provides mobile internet in the car for Wi-Fi capable devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc. In many ways it operates in a similar way to a "3G dongle". An AT&T SIM card is provided with the vehicle.

Where do I put the SIM in the vehicle?

The exact location of the SIM slot varies by vehicle model. Details of where to find the SIM slot and how to insert the SIM can be found in your owner's manual or on the owner web site.

Can I order InControl Wi-Fi on its own, or is it linked to other options?

At present InControl Wi-Fi is available as a standard feature and as an option, depending on the vehicle.

Will I get an InControl Wi-Fi trial with my vehicle?

If you are the first owner of the vehicle to activate an InControl account, you receive a data trial of either up to 3GB or 3 months, depending on which is reached faster, provided through AT&T.

I am not the first customer or user of InControl on this vehicle, can I still receive a data trial?

No, we only offer data trials to the first new vehicle buyer, however you can purchase data plans to use with your InControl Wi-Fi using the supplied AT&T SIM. Please contact AT&T at

How can I buy a data plan after my data trial ends?

Yes. Please contact AT&T at: (Session Based Accounts) (Mobile Share)

Can I transfer my data plan to another eligible JLR vehicle?

Yes, for more information please contact your retailer as they will need to confirm the compatibility of your vehicle and SIM Card.

How do I know my data plan has been renewed and active?

Please contact AT&T at: (Session Based Accounts) (Mobile Share)

How do I turn mobile data on?

Mobile data should already be switched on in your vehicle. If not, please refer to the Owner’s Manual.

How do I turn the Hotspot in the car on and off?

Please refer to your Owner’s Manual.

How many devices can I connect?

You can connect up to 8 devices

How do I connect my phone/tablet to the Hotspot?

Please refer to your Owner’s Manual.

How fast are the upload/download speeds?

The speed of the upload is dependent on the connection with the mobile network and can vary during the course of a journey.

How do I tell how much data I've used?

You can check on your data usage via the AT&T portal. Instructions for connecting to your account should have been in the email sent to you by AT&T when your trial plan started. Alternatively please go to

What kind of devices can use the InControl Wi-Fi?

Any device that you can normally connect to a Wi-Fi network can be connected to the vehicle hotspot.

What kind of security does the Hotspot have so unauthorized users can't connect to it?

You are required to enter a numeric password when connecting a device.

I'm already an AT&T customer - can I add the vehicle to my Mobile Share Data plan?

Yes. Please contact AT&T at for further details or call your mobile share help line.

I'm not an AT&T customer - can I use a different wireless provider?

Yes. However we cannot guarantee connectivity as not all wireless providers can connect with the vehicle.

Does the InControl Wi-Fi use the data plan on my phone?

No, not if you use the SIM which came with your vehicle. However if you connect the car to your phone and use your phone as the hot spot then the phone's data will be used in this situation.

Which vehicles are equipped with a InControl Wi-Fi?

2016 Jaguar XJ and Jaguar XF

I'm having problems with the InControl Wi-Fi in my car - who do I call for technical support?

Please contact your local retailer who will be able to assist you, alternatively please contact us directly using the contact us details on the web site.

My car is missing a SIM card. How do I get a new one?

Please contact your local retailer who will be able to assist you.

How do I know if a SIM card is installed in my car?

You can check the SIM slot in your vehicle (see owner's manual for details) or ask your retailer.

Will devices automatically reconnect every time I get in the car?