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Jaguar I-TYPE.


  • GKN

    GKN Automotive is a world-leading global automotive technology company that pioneered electric drive systems and works with 90% of the world’s automotive manufacturers. They are the only supplier completely focused on the design, manufacture, integration and optimization of conventional driveline, all-wheel and electric drive technologies. In the past 20 years they have developed leading eDrive systems, founded from their expertise in AWD systems. GKN Automotive's Innovation Centre, in Abingdon, England, is one of the leading global hubs for developing the systems for future electrified vehicles.

    GKN Automotive’s technology partnership with Jaguar Racing began in 2017 ahead of Season 4 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Pushing their technologies to the limit on the racetrack is essential to speed up innovations and further advance know-how. Our partnership is centred on “Driving for Efficiency,” which is equally relevant to competing in Formula E as it is to differentiating GKN Automotive’s future eDrive products from the competition.

    As Jaguar Racing’s Official eDrive partner, GKN Automotive will work closely with engineers at Jaguar Racing to apply its design, manufacturing and software development knowledge to the I-TYPE 5. They will play an important role in the development of the electric powertrain and will use their expertise to develop advanced powertrain cooling technologies for both the inverter and electric motor, in pursuit of enhanced system efficiencies. GKN Automotive software engineers will also be integrated into Jaguar Racing’s headquarters.

  • DOW

    Dow is proud to bring material science expertise to the Jaguar Racing Formula E Team through their MobilityScience™ platform, focused on application development and innovation in transportation. The people at Dow embrace teamwork, welcome diverse ideas and passionately innovate with their partners and customers to create materials that enable a low-carbon mobile economy—where lighter weight, longer range, enhanced safety and reduced energy consumption are the ultimate objectives.

    Dow’s transportation solutions include a wide range of polyolefin, polyurethane, acrylic, specialty chemical and silicone technologies for electric vehicles. Our Jaguar Racing partnership aligns with their ambition to be the most innovative, customer-centric, inclusive and sustainable material science company in the world, as we collaborate in new ways to seek solutions together.


    Castrol, one of the world's leading lubricant brands, has a proud heritage of innovation. Their passion for performance, combined with a philosophy of working in partnership, has enabled Castrol to develop products that have been at the heart of numerous technological feats on land and in the air, sea and space.

    The transition to electrification inspired Castrol to create and launch a range of e-Fluids, designed and tested for electric vehicles. They are constantly looking for pioneering partners to help take them further, and Castrol’s partnership with the Jaguar Racing Formula E Team will enable them to put their range of e-Fluids to the test on the track and help find breakthroughs for the transport of tomorrow.

    It’s more than just oil, it's liquid engineering.


    Over five decades of pioneering motorsports safety and performance means Alpinestars marks 55 years at the highest levels of professional racing as the world’s premier motorsport footwear, apparel and protection company, with its sights set firmly on the future.

    Continuing innovation through technology research, design and development, with state-of-the-art facilities in the US and Europe fueling a worldwide racing development program, Alpinestars is a global force in every major motorsport series. Products delivering comfort and breathability in the high-stress cockpit environment reduce driver fatigue and aid concentration.

    One Goal. One vision.