If your Jaguar is damaged or stolen, you could incur costly repairs or your insurer could declare your vehicle a total loss. With Jaguar Vehicle Loss Privilege Program, you’re eligible for a loyalty credit* towards a replacement vehicle, so you can get back on the road with minimal stress and financial impact. You can tailor coverage to your preferences by opting for** Total or Partial Loss coverage or purchasing both as a bundle.

Jaguar I PACE running on road beside river and Ice mountains


In the event of a total loss, bridge the difference between your vehicle value and your remaining loan balance with an in-store loyalty credit towards a replacement vehicle.

Jaguar F pace running on city road


If your Jaguar is stolen and not recovered, you’re eligible to get a fixed in-store loyalty credit that can be applied to the purchase price of your replacement vehicle.



European model shown.

Contact your local Jaguar Authorized Retailer to find out more about the Jaguar Protection Program.

ǂProduct summaries and graphs are provided for informational purposes. Ask your Jaguar Authorized Retailer for actual terms and conditions governing membership privileges.

*Fixed in-store loyalty credit cannot exceed the limit selected at time of purchase.

**Eligibility requirements apply. Contact your Jaguar Authorized Retailer for more information.